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XX building materials technology co. LTD
Focus on aluminum single board, production, installation, integrated services!
Aluminium sheet case
Double curved veneer of exterior wall
Exterior panel
Case diagram of aluminum veneer for outer wall
Case diagram of aluminum veneer for outer wall
Case of perforated aluminum single plate
Case diagram of Great Wall plate aluminum venee
Aluminum single board industry excellent brand
Real manufacturers direct sales, aluminum single board price cost-effective.
after sale
Focus on aluminum single board research and development, work hard.
We have several logistics teams and 24-hour customer service.
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Specifications can be customized as required

XXXX building materials technology co., LTD. Was founded in the 21st century, is the collection production, the sale in a body building materials company, its main products include two series of aluminum ceilings and aluminum curtain wall and make the products favored by the consumer trust in the country. The company pursues novel and unique style design and extraordinary and extraordinary product quality...

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